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LIVE - Vendor Market

Join me as I go live during my vendor market events

Date and time of my live event will be announced a week prior with a preview page of the tumblers and cups that will be available.  At times, there may be some slight changes  or add on's, so be sure to join the live for the most updated items


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DURING my LIVE vendor market events all purchases will have FREE SHIPPING AND NO TAX


  • 20 oz tumblers - $30 each 
  • 20 oz speaker tumblers - $40 each
  • 16 oz clear and frosted glass can - $18 each
  • 12 oz snowglobe glass can - $20 each

20 oz tumblers come with a plastic lid, Glass cans come with a bamboo lid and every cup comes with a plastic straw.  

Vendor markets are held on Saturdays, all items are shipped out the following Monday. 

How it works: 

Watch, like and share the live.  I'll go through my booth and highlight some of the tumblers and cups.  

You can also ask to see a tumbler or cup up close and check if I have a design or character you're looking for. 


This is an actual vendor market with customers there that are also looking at the same products.  At times, I may need to step out of the live to answer their questions or handle a sale. 

If there is something you are interested in, you can comment "Claim 'description of design'" (e.g. Claim 20 oz. Camper tumbler) and I will put it on the side.  Purchase of the item needs to be completed within 5 minutes or I'll place the item back on the rack.

Another option - you can make a purchase of an item, when I get the notification, I will ask you to verify your order number and you can then choose the item you'd like.  


You must use the special LIVE! VENDOR MARKET EVENT link for your purchase.  This is a special link that will not charge the shipping or tax when purchased.  

Orders are filled in the order they are purchased. 

While on the live stream, I will call out your first name that is on the order form and have you verify the order number.  If you've already claimed an item, I'll verify the item before finalizing the order.


**Discount codes do not apply to the LIVE! VENDOR MARKET EVENT

**Tumblers will be sent to the shipping address on the order form.  A tracking number will be emailed to the email address provided and are shipped the Monday following the event.  Shipping may take 7-10 business days to arrive.  Business days do not include weekends or federal holidays.




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