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Messy Mawma Mugs and More

Live! Vendor Market Event - Clearance Tumblers

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Live! Vendor Market Event Sales.  


I will go live during my vendor market for a live sale. 

I will feature 10 tumblers at a time.  Comment "Claim w/the name of the tumbler" (example:  Claim Bingo).  Sometimes the order you see the comments are different than what I see.  The tumbler goes to the comment that shows up on my screen first.  

After the first 10 tumblers, I will take a 15 min. break.  At this point, everyone needs to come to the website and pay for any tumblers that you have claimed.   Be sure to indicate your user name in the comments.  

If there are tumblers that are not paid for before going live again, I will put the tumblers back up for sale.  

If you have multiple orders, I will consolidate your order and shipping and refund any shipping overage.  

All the items available at the market will also be available in the live sale, so if there is a design you'd like, please be sure to get it as soon as possible. 

Items will be shipped out the following business day.  (Monday - Friday)



16 oz glass can mug

Care information

As with any design on cups, proper care will prolong the life of the print.  

Hand wash glass using warm water and dishwashing soapDo not use any abrasive scrubbers or chemicals as this will scratch the glass and remove the sublimation coatingDo not put the cups in the dishwasherDo not put the cups in the microwaveCare for lid - lid is a bamboo lid and should be washed by hand, dried with a light cloth and left on a dish rack to dry thoroughly.  

Mother Hustler

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 8.

Grab that perfect gift to celebrate that special Mom in your life.

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